Can I Eat Ice Cream and Still Lose Weight?

Welcome To my Fitness blog today i will answer your question Can I Eat Ice Cream and Still Lose Weight? many of you had ask me this question so you will get to know in this article so read it.

I also Get cravings of Ice cream during my diet you know It’s that time of year, but it’s also bathing suit season, and ice cream can be easy to overdo. If it’s one of your can’t-live-without foods here’s how to enjoy and lose some weight:  

Here are some tips that i follow and enjoy life fully:

  1. If you’re going to go for the real deal look for homemade style brands made from simple ingredients: milk, cream, sugar, eggs and flavorings like vanilla bean To curb the calories stick to a half cup serving, about the size of half a tennis ball, and pump up your portion by topping it with a cup of fresh berries or grilled in-season fruit like peaches, plums or apricots.
  2. Instead of buying a pint, which contains four servings, but can easily be polished off in a single sitting, head to an ice cream shop and order one scoop. Or soften up hard ice cream, fold in fresh fruit, and transfer it to popsicle molds.
Hope you like it 

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