Exercises To Lose Leg Fat

Welcome To My Fitness Blog Today I Will Tell You About Exercises To Lose Leg Fat

Here i will tell you about my best exercise that will help you lose thighs fat at home only.
Curtsy lunge – 1. Stand keeping your left leg behind your right leg (your thighs should be crossing. 2. Bend both knees to be in the curtsy position. 3. Lift your body into the original position 4. Switch to the opposite leg and repeat
Sumo Squats – 1. Stand up straight with your feet placed wider than your hips. 2. Turn your toes facing out and place your hands by your side. 3. Bend your knees as well as your hips to lower yourself into position. 4. Stand back into the original position slowly
Leg Lifts – 1. Lay on your left side and place your left arm up to give your head support.  2. Lower and lift your front leg (remember not to let it touch the floor) 3. Roll over to your right side and repeat with the opposite leg.
Ball Pass – 1. Start out flat on the ground with your hands over your head gripping the ball. 2. Bring your legs and arms to the center as you exchange the ball from your hands to in-between your feet. 3. Slowly lower both your hands and feet down to the grown making sure the ball doesn’t touch the ground. 4. Repeat, this time exchanging the ball to your hands from your feet.
1 leg butt bridge – 1. While laying flat on the floor, bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the floor. 2. Pick one leg off of the floor and point your toe straight ahead making sure your butt is lifted off of the ground. 3. Slowly lower your butt back to the ground while keeping your leg in the same position.
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