How 3 Week diet will help you in losing 23 pounds in just 21 days!

Welcome To my fitness blog and today i will tell you about How 3 Week diet will help you in losing 23 pounds in just 21 days!

The 3 Week Diet is one of the most interesting and powerful weight loss plans I have come across and personally tried and I think you may find yourself of the same opinion after reading this review on it.

Here’s Few things you need to know :

1) Depending on how you complete it, it can actually be shorter, anywhere from 12 to 21 days long. That is exceptionally SHORT considering how much weight you can drop and speaking of that…
2) It is true you can drop as much weight as it claims (20+ pounds and I’ll explain how).
3) You’re not just dieting one way through this plan, you’ll be going through 4 different and proven weight loss strategies.
4) When you finish this plan, you’re going to find that it’s extremely easy and flexible to maintain the weight loss results you got because you will LITERALLY be allowed to eat anything you want, as long as you follow 1 rule which I’ll talk about below.
5) The purpose of this plan is to help release the fat you have stored in your body and transfer it into energy to build muscle and/or flush it out. Whether it’s 10 pounds, 20 or more, this diet helps get rid of it, but in reality, I’d say it really turns that fat into fuel to feed your body and help it improve.
Let's Get Into it
Every weight loss plan I have ever read about has focused on 1 type of dieting approach and most of them really come down to eating healthy and exercising, which to this day is still the most stable way of gradually reducing weight that frankly, I recommend everyone do…
But the 3 week diet is not a “single style plan”. It is actually a combination of 4 different weight loss strategies, ALL proven to work. What are these strategies? 
What Come With It?
Week 1: Eat low carb foods for about 7 days.
How it works: We already know that eating low carb foods is just about guaranteed to help you drop weight because little sugar intake prevents fat from storing up, plus low carb foods feed muscle, not fat.
Week 2: 1 day fast (intermittent fasting strategy).
How it works: Any sort of fasting means there’s no calories coming in and thus the body will burn existing fat. In short, fasting ALWAYS leads to weight loss.
Step 3: High fat diet eating for 4-5 days. Yes. High. Fat. Hold of on the skepticism until you read why this works below.
How it works: I personally dropped 8 pounds in 2 weeks eating like this and I’ll explain it below, but the short story is HEALTHY high fat foods actually boost metabolism, which cause more fat burning to occur.
Step 4: Eating ANYTHING you want, but making sure it’s under your BMR (a measure of how much you should eat daily).
How it works: We all know that if you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight. Well that’s what this phase talks about doing.
And that is the summary of the 3 week diet, but as We’ll go into details.

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