Plastic Wrapping Your Stomach Help You Lose Weight?

Welcome To My Fitness Blog Today i Will Tell You About Plastic Wrapping Your Stomach Help You Lose Weight?

Wrapping your stomach in plastic or any other sweat-inducing material might make you perspire, but it won't lead to fat loss. The only proven way to lose weight is to eat more calories than you burn, which requires reducing your daily caloric intake, increasing your physical activity level, or both. Wrapping your body can also be hazardous to your health, so you're better off leaving the cling wrap in the kitchen drawer.

Water Loss

Covering your stomach or other areas in body wraps leads to excessive sweating, which can make you lose a few pounds rapidly. However, the weight will return as soon as you drink water -- and if you don't drink to replenish the lost liquid, you run the risk of dangerous dehydration. Along with water loss, wraps can lead to overheating because they block sweat evaporation, which is your body's natural cooling system. Columbia Health reports that in 1997, three wrestlers died after wearing "sweat suits" while exercising in the heat to try to lose weight. Since then, the National Collegiate Athletic Association banned these garments.
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