What Is High Metabolism?

Welcome To My Fitness Blog Today I Will Tell You About What Is High Metabolism? And How It is Helpful In Weight Loss!

While you ask i will tell you about what is "high metabolism," scientists use the phrase high "basal metabolic rate," or the amount of calories our body needs while resting. The misconception is that thin or skinny people always have a high basal metabolic rate.
It is true that muscle requires more calories than fat. In fact, a pound of fat burns about 10 calories and a pound of muscle burns nearly 30.
What matters, though, are the relative amounts of fat and muscle. Obese people with lots of fat can have a higher basal metabolic rate than lean individuals who have little muscle and fat.
i will tell you with a very simple example: six pounds of fat would burn 60 calories, while one pound of muscle would only burn half that much.
However, if two people have the same amount of fat, the person with more muscle would have a higher "metabolism."
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