What Is Slow Metabolism?

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What is low metabolism?

Low metabolism is the shortened term for low basal metabolic rate. Basal metabolism refers to the amount of energy required for the physiological processes that maintain basic bodily functions. A low basal metabolic rate normally leads to low energy expenditure. As a result, the number of calories you normally expend is likely less than the number of calories you consume. The net result is an energy (calorie) surplus. The extra energy is then converted into fat and stored in your body, ultimately leading to weight gain.

What causes low metabolism?

Low metabolism has been linked to both genetic and environmental factors. People with certain risk variants of genes involved in converting carbohydrates and lipids into energy.
Medical conditions, such as hypothyroidism and anemia, or use of certain medications, such as beta-blockers (i.e. propranolol) and pain relievers (i.e. methadone), can also cause low metabolism. Over-consumption of foods including broccoli, cauliflower, tofu, soy milk, strawberries, pears and peaches can lower metabolism, as can deficiencies of nutrients such as iron and vitamin C.

Can I lose weight?

If you have a low metabolism, you can manage your weight by exercising and eating metabolism-boosting foods. If you suffer from hypothyroidism or anemia, talk to your healthcare provider about treatment. Log in now to get tips designed to help you boost your metabolism.
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